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Do You Want Good Sleep?

How do you go about starting a good routine for your nighttime? Everything starts with making changes to a few of your daily rituals or habits. You also need to practice good sleep hygiene. Keep reading to learn 7 ways you can get started:

1) Keep A Schedule: It’s essential that you get up at the very same time each day in order to make your body’s individual sleep-wake cycle stronger. This is also known as your circadian rhythm, and your body is reliant on a steady balance of waking and sleep in order to function optimally. If you’re not able to fall asleep within 15 minutes, you should try something relaxing before going back to bed when you are truly tired.

2) Sleep Enough Every Night: On average, the optimal amount of sleep is 8 hours. However, some folks need 10, whereas others only need 6. If you get up in the morning and feel refreshed without getting sleepy or tired later, then you know you’re getting enough every day. Hopefully, you can get to a point where you wake up every day at the very same time without an alarm clock.

3) Create Your Own Sleep Routine: Your bedtime rituals can include relaxing music or just enjoying a hot bath. Whatever you do, these rituals signal bedtime to your body. Dim the lights as a visual cue, too. Don’t do anything stimulating, such as work or bills, right before bed. Keep away from electronics and TV, since they are stimulating and can make it harder to fall asleep.

4) Be Mindful Of Your Eating And Drinking: You shouldn’t eat the last few hours before going to bed. The idea is to keep yourself from feeling discomfort physically. That’s not to say you can’t have a snack though. Some snacks, such as herbal tea or warm milk, might even help you sleep. Shy away from caffeine and alcohol though, as they can keep you from getting into deeper sleep stages all night long.

5) Make A Room For Sleeping Only: Your bedroom should be used only for sex and sleep. So don’t work or read here during the day. Keep your pillows and mattresses comfy, and remember that mattresses usually only last a decade or so. If you need to repace yours read these Nectar Mattress reviews. Keep the room quiet, dark, and cool. If you get lots of sun in there, darken the room with shades. Use a fan or AC unit to keep the temperature cool.

6) Get Your Body Moving: Exercise lets you fall asleep quicker, and you’ll sleep better. Consider morning exercise if your afternoon or evening exercises wind you up too much.

7) Practice Stress Management: Anxiety is an enemy of sleep, so calm yourself first with yoga, journaling, or meditation. If things like this don’t help, consider using a specialist for help.

You’d think you could take a good night’s sleep for granted, considering how millions of years of evolution train the human body to shut down every night. Still, it’s complicated. Use these 7 tips to improve your nighttime rest.

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