Using Baby Cribs

Useful Information and Tips about Using Baby Cribs

Baby crib usually refers to the baby cot or baby cradle which is used as baby’s bed. It’s the form of bassinet and much safer as compared to mattress bed. This is cage-style cradle which protects your infant from injury. Usually many people consider it unsafe, but every company has to be certified and set the standard according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure the safety. So when you decide to buy it for your little one, you should consider its safety and comfort as first priority. When you are going to market, you will find huge variety of baby cribs and often you will get confused about which type of baby crib you should take for your baby and which type you should leave.

When woman become pregnant, parents start planning about the stuff of baby like their clothes, toys and furniture. Yes! Furniture is important part when you’re having little one or expected one. And most important part of baby’s furniture is obviously baby cribs. As you have already read above, it is basically baby cot or baby bed which is known as baby crib in American English. It is also called cradle commonly where your infant can sleep and see the outside world safely. The word ‘crib’ is derived from the old English word ‘cribb’ which means the place where one can manage the food stall. The original meaning of cribb is manager. In the nineteenth century, cradle was being started for babies to keep their infant in safe place.

Here I will share some tips with you about how to use it properly to ensure safety.

  • Make a pleasant environment for your baby in their crib. Put soft toys and many hanging wind chime to attract them to their baby crib.
  • To feel your baby more comfortable, you should move the baby cribs into your room. Your child feels more comfortable with you and take less time to familiar with cradle.
  • Get used to your baby to cradle, you should avoid playing with your child while nap time. You should make environment of bedtime. Switch off the TV and lights, keep cradle away from noise.
  • You should be placed soft toys when your baby want to sleep, they’ll attracts to the crib and love to find them in his bed.
  • You should feed your baby before bedtime approximately 2 to 3 oz daily. They feel comfortable and never wake up during sleep due to hungry tummy.
  • When he/she feels sleepy, you should lay down your baby into cradle and stay close to the baby until your baby falls asleep. After the baby has fallen asleep completely, leave him/her alone to get used to sleeping alone.

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