Types of Dental Prostheses

When your dentist very first time give you the advice that you should get missing teeth replaced, you are likely to have several options that vary in price and difficulty of the procedure, and you may wonder for the recommendation from others to find the best option that best fits your lifestyle. Well, you have two options as removable, like complete or partial dentures, or fixed such as bridges or implants. Compared to implants and bridges, removable dentures are relatively cheaper.

Fixed Bridge

A bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis to replace a lost tooth or several teeth. It consists of an artificial tooth that is attached to the adjacent teeth located on either side of the artificial tooth.


A dental implant is a device that consists of an artificial titanium root to hold a single tooth or several teeth. They are placed through a surgical procedure performed on the bone which eventually will be united with the same through an osseointegration process. A fixed dental prosthesis such as a crown or a bridge is inserted into the dental implant while some crowns may be placed immediately after implant installation, and others may require a period of six months after the placement.

Fixed Dental Prosthesis is Screwed onto Implants.

A fixed dental prosthesis is screwed onto implants and may be an alternative option. It is a bridge with replacement teeth that is secured to implants that were surgically inserted into the bone. The bridge is fixed with screws, but can be removed if required.

Removable Dental Prosthesis on Implants

In this case, the implants installed in the bone are used to support a removable dental prosthesis. This prosthesis has special ligatures in the acrylic to fit the implants. In other words, the dental prosthesis is removable, but using implants in this way improves the retention and stability of the dental prosthesis.

Removable Dentures

The dentures come in two types, below we will describe their differences. Your dentist will explain which option and let you which one is better for you.

Complete Dentures

This is recommended when all teeth in your upper or lower arch (or both) need to be replaced. In this case, you are also required to use denture adhesives and you should read the reviews before you intend to buy one. For professional help, consult with your orthodontist in Dubai.

Partial Dental Prosthesis

This is recommended when some (only one or more) teeth need to be replaced. It also helps keep your teeth aligned, preventing them from moving.

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