What are the Types of Dental Crown?

Dental crowns, like dental veneers, are usually classified according to the material with which they are made. We can mainly find 5 types of the dental crowns which are as follows;


They are made exclusively of metal, which has the advantage that they are probably the hardest and the ones that are better resistant to wear, but the disadvantage of being less showy between the other teeth. That is why when used, they are usually done on the posterior teeth and never on the most visible teeth when talking or smiling.


They are made by casting porcelain on metal, so they come to be something like metal crowns with a porcelain layer similar to that used on porcelain veneers. This makes them more aesthetic, but they have the disadvantage that they are less strong and can break or splinter by use. Another drawback is that there may be a small metal colored line between the tooth and the gum, especially if the gum itself is displaced and leaves more tooth in sight.


It is more natural than the previous ones, but it is less resistant than these. Therefore, they are used almost exclusively in front teeth, which have more aesthetic needs and do not intervene as much in chewing as the molars and premolars.


They are certainly the dental crowns that offer the best results in terms of esthetics-resistance, but it makes them also the most expensive.


This is the last option for tighter pockets. A dental crown can be made with the same resin as fillings, similar to the composite veneers, covering the entire tooth. They are the least resistant and they wear more easily. Therefore, we consider that they are a temporary option until the patient can wear crowns of another type.

Price of the Dental Crowns

In order to establish a budget, it is not enough to know how much dental crowns cost, but you have to take into account several factors to be able to evaluate the treatment, such as the number of crowns to be placed, the type of crown, and if any other treatment is needed along.

The price of each dental crown will depend mainly on the material with which it is made of. The metal-porcelain can cost around €250. The zirconium and porcelain are around €400. Metal and composite are used less, but they are the cheaper ones than the previous ones. These prices represent a mean according to the general practices at dental clinics and correspond to each dental crown individually.

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