Train 3 Times per Week And Increase Your Results by 10x

Does it come as a surprise to you? Well, I don’t blame you. You are probably conditioned by most of the champion body-builder (probably also by the trainers in your gym), or even the popular magazines and your favorite body-building websites.

Usually, these are the sources we look for when we want to formulate our workouts. The problem with these sources is that they want you to believe that more is better.

WHY? PROFITS what else.

More Time You Workout In The Gym = More Supplements You Will Consume

(In-fact in most cases the people running the popular magazines (and websites) also own the supplements companies)

That brings us to the question about the training frequency, does training 5 to 6 times a week works(spilt-routines)?

I have been following modern conventional training for the last decade and I failed terribly.

There are two components to training: Stimulating the muscular system: WHICH HAPPENS IN THE GYm and being able to recover from it: WHICH HAPPENS OUTSIDE THE GYM ( no one really wants to discuss this you know why…just make a guess!)

Training 6 Times A Week Leaves You No Time To Recover

Just like your body, your nervous system needs to be recovered too and if you are working 6 days a week then its not really possible.

Therefore, if you are not recovering from your training, you’re not maximizing your progress. Your workouts will be stale with no enthusiasm and your intensity levels will drastically drop!

When I shared this 3 – a – week routine to my friends and clients in the gym, of course, they were reluctant first, but once they started following it for a while they really started to enjoy it. They mentioned, how they really LOOK forward to their workouts. Whenever they come to the gym they are full of energy and give their best, their poundages have started to increase and results are there to show.

Ah, also their wives are thankful too 🙂

My philosophy for fat loss and muscle gain is very simple. I want to do as little as possible to continue making GAINS. If anything, I’d rather undertrain than overtrain!

Still not convinced? Tons and tons of muscles have been build by following these full-body 3 times a week routines. Look at any bodybuilding literature before the period 1959 which will give you enough evidence that literally every superstar body-builder from Steve Reeves to John Grimek to Perry Radar – trained only 3 times a week throughout their body-building careers!

Building a fabulous-body is not only about proportions and symmetry its about BALANCE. Yes, balancing your time in the gym vs life.

So once you decided to follow the 3 days per week rule, we have now 3 days to make the best use of. What exercises will you chose? Most of us choose exercises which are isolated in nature and we end up working on the fancy machines in our gym. We feel good when we get a pump in our arms and convince ourselves that we have done a damn good workout! Well, have you really?

Perry Radar (Editor of Iron MAGAZINE) gained over 100lbs in less than 2 years by only performing 4 exercises:

1 Barbell Squat: warm-up plus 1×20

2 Breathing Pullover: 1×20-30

3 Parallel Bar Dip: warm up plus 3×10-12

4 Pulldown: warm-up plus 3×10-12

How? Recently, I read Perry Marshall’s amazing book 80/20 sales and marketing. And he boldly stats: “80/20 rule applies on everything that you do ”

What it means is that 80% of your results come from 20% of your effort. And it is compounded henceforth!!

I thought I’d start applying 80/20 in various aspects of my life.

The first thing that came to my mind was my traveling. It usually took me 25 minutes to get from my office to work. Now, according to this principle, 20% of roads should carry 80% of the traffic and roughly 20% of the 20% that is 4% of the roads would be carrying 80% of the 80% of the traffic. In other words, 4% of the roads will carry 64% of the traffic. And so on. I checked on google map and did some research! and I was amazed at how true it was. Now, it takes me anything from 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the time of the day.

Suddenly, I realized I had been already applying this principle in my training regimes.

For the last 2 years, I have been cutting my workout time dramatically from 6 days/week to only 2 to 3 times a week with exceptional results! Out of all the exercises that we do, only 4% of the exercises yields 64% of the results.

Going back Perry Radar, he gained 100lbs in 2 years via performing only 4 exercises!


Shifting your focus on performing that 4 % of the exercises in every workout, will not only double your results, but you would be able to utilize your precious time in more meaningful pursuits!

p.s. Try 80/20 rule in other facets of your life and you will be amazed at how your life can change for the better!

David Obrien

I expertise in personal training, natural bodybuilding contest preparation, fat loss, sports nutrition, general well - being and body transformation. I believe in overall fitness i.e. how good you feel, how well you function and how good you look, which is a by function of the first two.

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