Neurologist-Gastroenterologist Coordination – A Vital Way For Parkinson’s Patients

The role of the gastroenterologist is extremely important, among others, to solve the adversities and complications related to the digestion system to obtain the clinical improvement. It can also be coordinated with a multidisciplinary team formed by neurologists, gastroenterologists and nurses specialized in Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative, chronic and crippling disease that affects a […]

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Vitamin E

What is Vitamin E?

To stop the action of free radicals responsible for cell oxidation and aging substances, antioxidants are still fashionable. Published in the medical journal, The Journal of Nutrition studies, indicate that antioxidant properties of vitamin E contribute, among other improvements, to slow cognitive decline in the elderly age. Today, experts recommend increasing intake of vitamin E […]

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Emotional Stability

What is Emotional Stability?

Emotional stability is one of the five major personality factors and is the opposite of what is usually called neuroticism or emotional instability. The study of personality is to study individual differences. Which it is generally appealed to the five-factor model of personality. According to this model, it is considered that the personality is divided […]

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