Tips to Prepare Yourself with Yoga & Ayurveda for Autumn

Yoga teaches us to live in harmony with our most authentic being and also according to the energies of nature. For this, we can refer a little to Ayurvedic medicine, with which yoga works hand in hand and is considered as something like a complementary science and sister in its origin. Ayurveda states that each of us, as well as the cycles of nature, have certain qualities which are called doshas and possess the properties of the elements air, fire, earth and water in different combinations.

The doshas are three as pita, vata and kapha. Although we all have the three doshas in our system, being all necessary and complementary, we have one or two predominant doshas that give us their qualities and also mark corporal and mental tendencies that it is important to know how to counteract so as not to unbalance us.

They are heavy or light, cold or hot, dry or moist. Ayurveda teaches us, with dietary regimes, oils, healing techniques and habits and living conditions determined to balance the excesses of these doshas of each or the environment.

Autumn is a season that has many facets. The heat and humidity of pita, the energy that characterizes the environment in the summer, completely changes its qualities in the fall. In fact, autumn has its own energy that tends to move. It is a station where, following Ayurvedic tradition, vata predominates the dosha of air. The autumn, contrary to summer, is cold, dry and light. Therefore, it is not strange that as the leaves dry, the temperature goes down and the wind comes, we feel a bit prone to colds and constipation, with dehydrated skin, and somewhat out of focus, especially those who have vata as one of their predominant doshas will be very susceptible to changes in the environment.

This is because the vata dosha in Ayurveda, having the qualities of air, is related to dynamism, but also to the feelings of instability, anxiety and fear. We can walk with a thousand head, with changing thoughts and some emotional instability due to the lack of contact with the earth. Or we are full of great ideas, but we do not know how to carry them out because we feel with little mental clarity and a little overwhelmed.

The good news is that those who feel with a frantic inner movement can learn to stabilize and connect with the natural environment that is showing the way. Yoga teaches us how to flow and if we learn to compensate for too much air, the element of Anahata chakra, we can also benefit because the truth is that this time of cold winds comes with the gift of ideas, inspiration, communication and creativity.

It is a beautiful time to start new businesses and celebrate all the possibilities that life gives us. We only have to learn to balance our vata to control excessive and chaotic mental activity and give ourselves mental alertness, emotional stability and safety.

To balance, it is important to eliminate toxins, raise your immune system, get enough rest, eat cooked, hot and nutrient-rich foods and drink plenty of water. You can also practice a conscious yoga, which increases temperature, connects with the earth and gives inner peace.

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