Teeth Healthy

Things To Do To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Take Care Of Your Food

Certainly, in any aspect of our health, you are recommended to eat a healthy and balanced diet. In the mouth, with special importance, we must also follow this to the maxim extent. There are foods that can be very harmful to our teeth and cause cavities, such as those rich in sugars. Instead, there are other types of foods that are going to be enormously beneficial to our dental health.

If you want to know what foods are the ones that will help you with your dental health, in this sense, we recommend milk and its derivatives, which will not dye your teeth and also provide calcium. Also recommended are foods like white rice or white fish, which have no color and protect the teeth. In addition, consuming fruits and vegetables will also help you prevent cancer of the oral cavity.

Another issue to take into account is about the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and coffee. These are substances that will affect the health of your teeth for the reason that they stain and can also deteriorate them and can cause cavities, gingivitis or other diseases.

Don’t Forget Your Dentist!

We know that it is not pleasant to go to the dentist Dubai. However, a visit on time can prevent many visits that will be much worse if we let it happen. It is important that you go to the dentist Dubai at least once a year, so that the dentist can perform a thorough cleaning of those areas that you cannot reach with your daily dental care.

Also, turning to a professional dentist Dubai will help you prevent the malformations from occurring and certain infections which can worsen with the passage of time. You must keep in mind that the dentists have a bad reputation, because when we go to their appointments, we are always in the worst circumstances. Visiting them regularly will change your image about the dentists Dubai.

Tips to Prevent Fluorosis

To prevent fluorosis, we can ensure that we and the children do not use fluoride in harmful amount. To do this, we will avoid drinking water that is not controlled by responsible organisms. We will also avoid the use of fluoride dentifrices, at least in the stage comprising 9 months to 3 years of age. We can washing foods before eating them to eliminate the possible residues of pesticides and it is very important. In short, any measure away from consumption of fluoride in an uncontrolled way will always be beneficial.

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