Sports Predictions: How Expert Tips Help in Betting

All bookmaker clients use expert advice. Even experienced cappers study analysts’ opinions and seek out insider information. But a special place in betting is occupied by sports predictions.

Prediction types

Predictions on the outcome of sports events can be paid or free. But it is not always that paid forecasts offer better information than those that are freely available. A striking example is the predictions from Scores 24, a sports analytical platform. It brings together information and tips on such sports as:

  • soccer
  • tennis
  • ice hockey
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • handball

The website offers predictions even for snooker and one of the most popular eSports disciplines – CS:GO. And the main feature of the service is that predictions are made not only for popular matches, but also minor competitions from most countries of the world. For example, it is easy to find predictions even for Guatemala’s second division soccer or Asian regional tournament.

Tips from professional analysts are available both for today and for tomorrow. And for the most popular games, information is published even earlier. This helps users to bet on the game of their favorite teams in advance and take advantage of the most favorable odds.

What information accompanies the forecasts on Scores 24

The analytical platform Scores 24 offers not only formal predictions but each tip is accompanied by a lot of analytical information. This is the main advantage of free predictions on the outcomes of sports events offered by this website.

Most similar platforms, especially those that work on a free-of-charge basis, offer only predictions and do not explain why you should bet on that particular outcome. As to Scores 24, all the data and conclusions of the experts, which led to the conclusion to conclude the proposed transaction, are published right before each bet.

By going to the “Predictions” section and clicking on the desired match, the visitor is able to read the following information:

  • standings of the teams or athletes;
  • the motivation of the opponents before the upcoming game
  • history of personal meetings;
  • performances in recent games;
  • statistical indicators of future opponents;
  • team lineups;
  • trends in recent performances;
  • a brief overview of the achievements of teams and athletes in the current tournament;
  • previews of sports meetings;
  • comparison of odds on the winners of the game and totals on the even line in the top bookmakers’ offices;
  • direct links to the bookmakers’ pages;
  • links to match broadcasts.

In this way, bettors are able to quickly decide on the best betting platform and make bets at the most favorable odds. And also, thanks to a large amount of analytical information, users can independently draw conclusions and place completely different bets than those published in the forecast or make sure it is logical.

Beginners in betting, thanks to a detailed schedule of predictions, get the opportunity to learn how to approach the analysis and studies of matches. This will certainly be helpful in the future and help you play much more effectively against the bookmakers.

Can free predictions be of high quality?

Many bettors have an opinion that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and it is not possible to make money using free predictions for the outcomes of sporting events. But all predictions are different. Not all platforms have the same approach to analyzing matches.

Free predictions are not trusted due to a large number of fraudulent websites and channels. However, it is very easy to distinguish dishonest resources from real analytical platforms.

Scammers, whose goal is to make money on gullible subscribers or ordinary visitors, attract betting fans through:

  • promises of quick earnings;
  • offers of rigged matches (which are not);
  • claims of high feasibility of predictions (sometimes even 100%).

But in fact, there is no capper who can claim very high feasibility of predictions. A result of 65% in a long run is considered a good achievement. Experienced bettors know that after a series of victories, a series of failures will surely follow. But the goal of a true forecaster is to be on a plus side in a long run, not right away. That is what the forecasts from Scores 24 are aimed at. Moreover, all the information about the past games is stored on the website and all visitors can estimate the quality of the tips they are offered knowing the results of matches.

Scores 24 does not offer bets with a hundred percent probability of winning. Everyone has a chance in sports. No one will deny the existence of rigged games. They do exist, but the information about them is kept so strictly secret, that only a very small circle of people may have such knowledge. Such data is definitely not offered online for money, much less for free or for subscription to a channel.

Many fraudulent platforms earn in a different way – they work according to an affiliate scheme with unscrupulous bookmakers. Trusting clients are promised huge profits on free predictions provided. But the bets can be placed only in the bookmaker’s office, the link to which the forecaster offers. As a rule, such scammers make money on losses of the clients they bring to the office and receive a set amount of interest.

Scores 24 does not offer to bet in a specific bookmaker’s shop but compares odds in the bookmakers’ lines. Furthermore, all the bookmakers, if their odds are published on the website, are reputable and widely known in the world of betting.


Scores 24 is the information sports website that is a reliable assistant for any bettor. In addition to high-quality analytics and a large number of free predictions, this online platform will help beginners to make their first steps in betting and enjoy winning bets.

With the help of Scores 24, you can learn to analyze matches on your own. Also, the website will help avoid making mistakes while choosing the bookmaker because the platform features its own top 10 bookmakers that include reliable and reputable companies.

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