Protective Plan to Avoid a Relapse

If you have wondered what to do in the case of a relapse after the addiction recovery, this article will help you a lot. It happens that relapses are frequent after the addiction recovery process. Above all, if addiction is suffered for several years, to a large extent, relapses are the result of the withdrawal syndrome. This withdrawal syndrome is the tendency to need addiction again due to previous habits.

In the first place, you need to understand that a relapse is a reality and also that one can overcome relapse with a proper plan. It is an undeniable possibility in the treatment of addictions. In fact, proper treatment against addictions should provide for the possibility of a relapse. Thus, it is even taken for granted that this will happen sooner or later. Therefore, in certain cases, the addict must be admitted and only be discharged once he has demonstrated that his problem has been overcome. This is an inevitable phase in professional treatment against addictions.

There are many reasons that can motivate you to take the harmful habits again, and that is why they are of different causes. There are some that are typical of the person suffering from an addiction. Others have their origin in external causes. In this regard, we present a list of the main reasons why relapses occur after treatment for addiction.

  • We already mentioned the case of withdrawal syndrome. It is very frequent in the consumption of narcotic drugs and tranquilizing medicines.
  • Sometimes, the addict develops in a social environment where there is pressure for certain activities or substance use—for example, living in a family where smoking is common and having friends who constantly place bets and induce gambling.
  • Narcotic substances generate tranquility. In any case, if an addict has a pressurizing job, he runs the risk of using drugs to relieve stress.
  • Psychological treatment is necessary when eliminating an addiction. The idea is to give the patient more mental strength so that he can fight against the temptation to fall back into addiction.

The abovementioned causes can be provided with a correct treatment to help people avoid falling back into any vice and relapse. In fact, a recovery plan against relapse is part of the professional treatment.

What usually happens is that the addict returns to his behavior with greater force in the relapse phase. Such is the case of those who have suffered alcoholism and then again drink alcoholic substances with even more intake, and the same goes for drugs. This relapse causes severe damage to the patient’s self-esteem, and the person feels guilty for returning to addiction. When this occurs, it’s much more difficult to carry out the treatment to eliminate the vice again. Thus, these are the reasons to be prepared to overcome relapse.

Professional centers for addiction treatment serve people from all walks of life and have high-quality services. They ensure having the best doctors and psychologists in the area of ​​addictions to guarantee effective treatment. Also, they take care of the problem of withdrawal syndrome.

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