Five Excuses Drug Addicts Make To Stay Out Of Drug Rehab

Drug addiction is extraordinarily tough to defeat. People who suffer from drug addiction often are genetically or physically predisposed to addiction. They also may live around “triggers” which encourage their drug use. Additionally, they may have been raised in an environment where drug use was the “solution” to difficult factors in life. For example, let’s […]

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Neurologist-Gastroenterologist Coordination – A Vital Way For Parkinson’s Patients

The role of the gastroenterologist is extremely important, among others, to solve the adversities and complications related to the digestion system to obtain the clinical improvement. It can also be coordinated with a multidisciplinary team formed by neurologists, gastroenterologists and nurses specialized in Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative, chronic and crippling disease that affects a […]

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