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Procrastination is a common bad habit facing by many people all around the world. Surely, you get disturbed if you have dragging important works over and over again. When we procrastinate sometimes that won’t affect us adversely, but if we procrastinates chronically that will affect our potential performance in our career. Overcoming procrastination is not a challenging situation, it is possible by simply understanding when you are procrastinating.
What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is the action of a person to slowing or delaying about doing something that should be done.

Usually, we procrastinate difficult tasks because we may think it will be difficult to accomplish, fear of failure and getting nervous. Procrastination will negatively effect on our mental, physical and emotional stability. Stability in this entire field is essentially required for the active performance in our life career.

How To Stop Procrastinating?

Create a Smart To Do List

Create a list of entire activities that you have to do in a day. This list enables you to know exactly what you are going to do. Based on the list, you can allocate time for the completion of each and every activity. The do list enables you to compare your actual performance of activities with the predetermined activities in the list. If there are any deviations in actual performance from predetermined, you can rectify it by taking correct actions at the right time.

Avoid Multi Task

It is wise to do a task at a time which enables us to give our entire attention on the performance of that particular task. It leads to effective and appropriate attainment of our purpose without wasting too much our time and energy. The result of multi task is just opposite of single task. It is not possible to achieve the expected result effectively and easily while doing multi tasks.

Prioritize Important Task

Everyone has felt a situation in which that they want to do a lot of task with less available time. This often leads you feeling of stress and depression. Only solution for this problem is to categorize tasks into important and unimportant items. So that it enables you to utilize available time for performing important tasks.

Dividing a Task Into Sub Tasks

You are going to have a big piece of cake. It is always very difficult to deal with big things, so you will slice that piece into smaller one which enable you to have it more comfortably. The same theory is also behind while doing large complex task or anything. Diving a complex task into various small task which enable you to perform it very easily and complete within a reasonable amount of time.

Ask Someone To Help You Complete Task

Some tasks cannot be done by yourself, at that time we can ask someone to help you to complete a task. In this way you are developing a friendly relationship with others and learn to trust others.

Take a Break

If we continuously do something without taking a break, it will be so boring and may slow down our activeness in performance. It is good to take an interval while doing a long activity. But you shouldn’t take a break for a long period of time, because it makes you in a challenging situation to getting back on track.

Encourage Yourself

Love to take responsibility is one of the effective methods of encouraging and motivating yourself. Surround yourself with positivity can help you to strive towards your goal. You can use self soothing words such as “I won’t give up, I can do anything, Nothing is impossible, stop procrastinating”, it helps to boost your self esteem and confidence.

After reading and follow the above steps, everyone will get a definite idea about “how to not procrastinate”. Always remember, YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN DESTINY. When you become a common avoider, automatically you are creating obstacles in your path towards your journey to success. The above techniques can help you to attain a good habit which leads to good performance in your life career.

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