Nux Vomica – A Highly Effective Homeopathic Remedy

Nux vomica is a homeopathic remedy and a Chinese medicine plant. It is no coincidence that its name is unappetizing, as it serves as an easy reminder that it is an excellent treatment to avoid vomiting and relieve the discomfort associated with it i.e. stomach pain, nausea.

Nux vomica is a recommended ingredient for nausea typical of pregnancy. It is also a treatment that relieves hangover nausea, a homeopathic alternative for many people’s Sunday morning discomfort.

It comes from an Asian tree called Stychnos nux-vomica, which contains various toxic ingredients. In fact, it is not suitable for human consumption, but homeopathic treatments use diluted solutions that the toxins present in them are so low that they pose no risk to the individual. Homeopathic treatment suggests that water acquires characteristics of the substance dissolved in it and it is rather than the substance, the remedy in this medicine.

Among the homeopathic uses of nux vomica, it is effective to use in the following cases;

Back pain
Common cold and flu
Mental problems
Digestive problems

Although it is an excellent remedy for hangovers, it does not combat organ damage caused by alcohol; however, there is research suggesting that nux vomica can be used as a natural remedy to combat addictions, mainly alcohol and tobacco.

In spite of its high toxicity, it can be very harmful to the liver, and it is believed that it can even accumulate in the body, causing a series of tiny doses to become potentially toxic, several investigations are carried out on the pharmacological properties of Stychnos nux-vomica, which yield promising results.

The tree contains five phenolic compounds that have been evaluated to combat some forms of cancer, with good laboratory results against breast and laryngeal cancer. One of its components, brucine, showed positive effects in the treatment of lung carcinoma. In addition, some components demonstrated antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Recently, the potential of homeopathic nux vomica to treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome was also evaluated, although it did not show any effects superior to placebo.

Homeopathy tends to treat patients from the profile of their behavior, rather than the symptomatology of their diseases. It is sought that the substance echoes the characteristics of a person, and is treated accordingly.

In the case of nux vomica, it is considered a remedy for people easily irritable and overwhelmed by excesses of stimuli such as food, coffee, alcohol or work. He is a restless person who tends to get frustrated easily, to despair of the stillness or when something is opposed to his projects. It is someone who uses lies for his benefits or protection with ease. He tends to do little exercise, but carries the burden of physical exhaustion and a grueling routine.

People with this profile accumulate digestive problems, resulting from poor diet and abuse of some products, drugs and even recreational drugs. They may have migraines associated with allergies to some foods or stress because of their concerns, which tend to be obsessive and disproportionate. For them, nux vomica is purifying and stimulating and helps you plan better and make better decisions.

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