What is Mommy Makeover Treatment?

Quality plastic surgery makes profound improvements not only on the way people look but, more importantly, the way they feel about themselves. This is especially true with women who have had children. This is particularly upsetting because, as a whole, childbirth is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Still, the toll that it takes on a woman’s body is frustrating. We frequently hear concerns from mothers about how they feel that their once beautiful body has been taken from them. Usually, they are reluctant to say this because they love their children and do not want to seem ungrateful for what they know is a blessing. This section was created to help mothers deal the specific issues that surround the physical changes that occur with childbirth.

It is important for mothers to know that many of their body changes caused by pregnancy are out of their control. This is especially true for her breasts and her abdomen. Mommy Makeover is not a catch phrase. It is a treatment plan for the normal condition that follows childbirth.

Mommy Makeover is an operation which has become super popular these days. Basically, it’s to correct the changes that happen in a woman’s body with childbearing. So what we do in Mommy Makeover is usually something to the tummy, which could be either a tummy tuck or liposuction, and often combined with something else, and the most common things we combine it with are breast surgery. And so the breast surgery could either be a breast reduction, a breast lift, a breast implant, or an implant and a lift. You see, what we’re trying to do is correct the changes that naturally occur in women’s bodies when they’re having babies and a lot of those things are sagging of the breasts, loss of breast volume, loss of firmness of the breasts. But there are also tummy problems, and tummy problems are stretched skin, muscles that have come apart, and looseness of the abdomen with a little bit of fatty fullness.

All of those changes are things that you can’t really make better with diet and exercise, because diet and exercise can’t make your tummy muscles go back together and they can’t get rid of loose skin. So when we’re doing Mommy Makeover, we’re doing a tummy tuck and a breast surgery at the same time. The advantage of doing them at the same time is that the recovery is fairly easy and the time off work or the time off taking care of your family is the same as if you were having just one operation. And one operation is easier to get over than two operations. In fact, most doctors think it’s actually safer.

There is a published a paper in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal where doctors looked at the complication rates and they’re very low and the complication rates for having both operations is the same as having one operation, so it’s a really safe operation to do at the same time. There’s a little bit of cost savings because there’s just one anesthetic so the experts pass that cost savings on to the patient, and it’s easier to have one operation than two.

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