Endodontics Treatment

How Long Does A Endodontics Treatment Last?

Endodontics is a treatment that can be performed in one or several sessions, depending on the complexity of the case. In general, a root canal treatment is performed in four sessions of two hours each, so the patient will have to attend the dentist more than once. Once the endodontic is done the work is usually quite durable over time if it is the first time the tooth is treated. However, when endodontics are performed for the second time in a single tooth, results are not usually so satisfactory, which is why most dentist prefer to remove the tooth and place the dental implants.

Endodontics will be durable as long as the person maintains good habits of dental hygiene, follow the instructions of the dentist after the intervention and avoid as far as possible any type of blow or trauma in the repaired tooth. A tooth treated with endodontics is a tooth without pulp, therefore, it is much more sensitive than the others.

When a person tells that he has been subjected to a root canal, he does it by opening his eyes and using alarming gestures, as if he were trying to convey through his face all the pain he experienced. And yes, to perform a root canal treatment, the tooth has to be deteriorated and surely has caused discomfort for a while back. In addition to this malaise of the infected pulp, it is necessary to mention that during the endodontic, the specialist penetrates to the deepest part of the tooth and, nevertheless, removes it to eliminate all the dental nerves.

Fortunately, endodontics takes place under the effects of local anesthesia and although the application of anesthesia on the palate is painful, it is not as strong as living a root canal without anesthesia. Once the session is over, the effect of the anesthesia will pass after about two hours, when that happens, it is important to have the painkillers prescribed by the dentist on hand if you have a lot of pain. Eating soft and cold foods like ice cream is very useful to prevent the discomfort when chewing.

If you consider that endodontics is a highly invasive treatment and that you should never go through it, then you must take into account the preventive tips to keep the health of your teeth in order to avoid all types of oral diseases.

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