What is Laser Lipo Treatment?

Losing weight is longing desire for many people, but most of them want to lose fat without making a great deal of efforts. Well the medical science has been developing at a fast pace and now we can have the laser lipo treatment which removes the stubborn fat layers in the body to make use lose weight without exercise.

In the treatment of if laser lipo, a plastic surgeon identifies the whole area to be treated and makes a little cut on the skin, proceeding to insert a little cannula with a depth of 13 mm at maximum. A laser head goes through cannula, and as soon as the surgeon signals, the laser beams with specific wavelength are emitted on to the target area. The heat generated by the laser beam initiates the melting of fat, and the latter is then removed either physically, through the human body’s lymphatic system, or mechanically, through a small suction cannula. The laser beam also speeds up the formation of collagen, which assists in the regeneration of the skin in the affected area.

Which areas can be treated with the laser lip?

Lipo treatment can be used for the treatment of virtually any area of the body with excess stored fat. Whether it is in the face, in the neck, the chest, the back, the upper extremities, the abdominal or waist area or in the lower extremities, laser lipo can be used to successfully remove pockets of undesired fat with virtually no disruption to neighboring tissue!

Is anesthesia necessary during the treatment of laser lipo?

The physician will determine the required level of anesthesia, depending on the total area that will undergo treatment and with consideration to the patient’s individual needs and preferences. In a lot of cases, only local or tumescent anesthesia is used, and the patient can resume light physical activity in the same day. In some other cases, a mild sedative might be also administered in order to make the patient feel more comfortable. In larger scale operations, epidural anesthesia might be used. It is only in some extreme cases that forms of deeper anesthesia might be required. It is also important to note that the specifications of the laser head used are also crucial in order to determine the required level of anesthesia. The more powerful laser head means that the treatment time will be shorter and the concentration of the anesthetic agent required will also be lower.

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