What is the Ideal Profile of the Face Lift Candidate?

Face lift is a surgical procedure in which the skin of your face is stretched and the excess skin is removed, so that your face looks less wrinkled and younger, since as you know the skin with the aging loses elasticity, flexibility and muscle mass.

The lifting or stretching of the face to look younger does not only finish in the skin of the face, since a lot of people complement it with other procedures such as neck lifting, eyelid surgery, forehead stretching, brow lift and chin implants that increase patients’ self-esteem and give them more happiness.

The Ideal Face Lift Candidate Profile

Although in the end it will be the doctor who decides whether or not the patient can undergo the face lift treatment, he will take into account certain criteria that the candidate must meet in addition to having a good general health to see if the patient will have a good result after the surgery.

Flexible Skin

An elastic skin will be easier to tighten and will be less prone to the scratches, and heals faster than the skin with little elasticity.

Defined Facial Structure

In people with defined traits, it will be much easier to make the skin stretch when it is toned and without wrinkles.

Have Real Expectations

It is vital that the candidate understands that the surgical procedures also have limitations and even if the patient wants a 100% stretch, but the doctor considers that the healthiest is to do only 50%, the patient must accept it.

Loose Skin On The Face

For face lift to be effective, the patient should have flaccid skin, as this is the one that will be used to perform the stretching.

The patient’s age will not be an influential factor in the decision, although the patients are usually between 40 and 70 years of age.

The cost of a face lift include the cost of anesthesia, prescriptions and pre-surgery tests to be performed at your pre-surgery appointments.

The cost of face lift will depend on the region in which the patient is and the plan he or she chooses, as there will be plastic surgery clinics that already include testing and anesthesia.

It is important to take into account the following aspects to know the total cost of the face lift surgery.

The type of surgery.
The type of anesthesia.
The type of technique to be used.
Other extra surgical treatments.
The experience and reputation of the clinic or surgeon.
The region where the chosen medical clinic for face lift is located.

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