How to Reduce Stress – 8 Amazing Ways

one of us is leading a busy life. Stress is one of the results of our busy life. Smoking, drinking alcohol, sleeping too much, illness and injuries are the common factors that cause stress. Stress is a state of mental and emotional tension resulting from challenging situations. We cannot define the response of our body during adverse circumstances. Constant stress can cause stroke, heart attack, headache and increased blood pressure. Many people always think stress in a negative manner which makes us mentally uncomfortable. There are bad and good elements in stress, we don’t have to always eliminate stress. The good element of stress is known as Eustress. Eustress element helps our body to transform and gather our presence of mind towards a given responsibility and prepare us to perform the duty. The bad element of stress is known as Distress. It’s familiar to every one, because we have already experienced in our life in the form of over work load, constant worrying, lack of concentration, depression and so on. Following are some good ways to manage stress.

1. Breathe Deeply

When something or a situation irritates you, take an interval and breathe deeply. Deep breathing is a way to reduce stress by decreasing your blood pressure and heart rate

2. Laugh More

Laughing is the most effective medicine for reducing stress. The more you laugh, more your mind becomes happy. You can talk with your friend who has more humor sense, watch comedy scenes from movies, or laugh by yourself by thinking about your past funny incidences.

3. Drink Tea

Studies state that drinking black tea can counter against stress and helps to achieve a state of relief. Drinking tea enables us to quickly repair from our daily stress in life. It doesn’t guarantee full recovery of stress level, but have a great effect in bringing our level of stress hormone to regular.

4. Listen to Music

Music has the power to reach into the deep of our emotions. Listening to music is one of the effective and interesting stress relief techniques. Listening to music can slow down heart beat, pulse rate, blood pressure, regulate stress hormone, improve immune activity and build up memory.

5. Exercise

Exercise improves our total health and mind conditions. Physical exercises have direct dealing with stress and help our body to release a chemical called Endorphins. These endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain. Regular exercise has proven to reduce stress, move away anxiety and feelings of depression, boost self esteem, improve sleep.

6. Eat Right

Eating food at right time can reduce abnormal stress level to normal stress level. We should have to avoid consumption of fried chips, junk foods, aerated drinks, coffee etc. It is good for us to have food rich in proteins and carbohydrates help us to reduce our stress level.

7. Sleep Better

An average people wants about eight hours sleep a night. A good sleep can make our next day more pleasant and enjoyable. If we are repeatedly short of sleep, it can adversely affect our activeness, concentration, energy level and finally increases our stress level.

8. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

Many of us have common bad habits such as smoking, excess drinking, having too much junk food and caffeine obsession. These types of bad activities can adversely affect our body and mental condition. It results in a high level of stress, and it becomes very difficult to relieve from that stress situation. Avoid all these unhealthy habits is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress. “How to reduce stress ” is a common question asked by people having bad habits. They depend on smoking and alcohol consumption with one common excuse ” to relax”. Actually, they are increasing the rate of their stress. Quit all these bad habits can easily help to reduce stress.

In our modern day life, stress plays a crucial step in blocking our activeness. In fact, stress is a part of people’s life. Nobody can completely avoid stress from their life, but stress can be managed and reduced by following the above ways to relieve stress. Aware about stress management techniques can maintain your stress level by yourself without consulting a doctor. When level of stress is stable, you feel more energetic, improve your immune system, diminish illness, feel more relaxed and improve digestion process. Usually, we take stress as a less damaging problem. But actually it will badly affect stability of our mood, thoughts, relationships and health. So, we should consider it as a serious problem and take proper cautions to relieve from stress.

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