What is the Estimated Prices of Dental Veneers?

To know how much the teeth veneers in Dubai cost and to help you calculate what your treatment can be worth if it consists only of placing veneers, sometimes you have to also solve other oral health problems, and then you have the price. At present, there are four types of the most popular aesthetic veneers on the market. Remember that the following prices are based on individual veneers.

Composite Veneers

They will cost around $100 and $150 and these are considered to be the cheapest ones on the market. Their material is very similar to the one that is used to make the fillings. The dentist can put the veneers quickly by slowly constructing them by applying the composite in thin layers on the tooth.

Carone Componeer

They will sots around $200 to $300. Among the four types of veneers we show you here, the componeer are possibly the least used, although there are still many clinics that use them. These are prefabricated and ultrafine composite veneers. The dentist has different types and selects them depending on the tooth to be treated. Being composite, once placed, they can be filed to give them the final touch to make them more personalized for each specific tooth of each patient.

Traditional Porcelain Veneers

They will cost you $400 to $450 and they need to be carved to the tooth to counteract their thickness and be able to be properly placed on each tooth. The porcelain is more durable than the composite, so they last much longer.


They will cost you around $450 to $650 and are the most used by the celebrities and the people with lavish budget as they are the most expensive ones. Depending on the clinic, they can reach $1,000, although this is the least common price. They are ultra-thin porcelain veneers that do not need to be carved on the tooth, which makes the process simpler than that of the traditional method, but unlike traditional ones, they are only manufactured in a specific laboratory with more complex process which increases the price.

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