Easy Yoga Poses to Perform at All Levels

Remember each yoga posture and every move bring your full attention to what you are doing, avoiding mechanical movements. You always inhale and exhale through the nose with deep and conscious breaths. Listen to your body and respect its limits; everyone is different and in yoga, there are no comparisons. Here I will share some easy yoga postures for all levels.

Urdhva Hastasana (Palm Posture)

It starts in Tadasana, the mountain pose, standing with toes together but slightly apart heels to have stability. The column should be straight but should not be tense. Inhale and raise your arms over your head, perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other and keep your palms facing inward. Stretch the entire body, open the chest and look straight ahead. Do five breaths. Interlace your fingers, turning the palms towards the ceiling. Take a deep breath and enjoy this stretch as your shoulders open. Maintaining stability in your legs, lean to the right side, feeling your left side is stretched. Repeat in opposite direction. Now focus the center and return to the starting position. This position releases tension and gives energy and inner calm, stretches the spine and improves digestion.

Padha Hasthasana (Position of Hands on Feet)

Stand on the tip of the mat with feet together and firm body without tension. This initial position is called the mountain. Inhale and raise your arms straight above the head and in this movement, stretch the entire body. The arms should be parallel to each other and on each side of your ears. Exhale and bring your arms and torso forward, stretching your body forward as you can. When you reach the stretch limit, bend towards the ground. Without bending your legs, try to bring your forehead to your knees as far as you feel comfortable. Grab your calves, ankles or toes as per your flexibility and keep your legs straight and weight well distributed on the soles of your feet. Do five deep breaths, trying to draw attention to your interior. Like other forward bends, this position gives peace because it works on the nervous system and it also stretches the spine and leg muscles, rejuvenates and decreases body fat.

Marjariasana (Cat Pose)

Start on all fours, with legs apart to the width of your hips and hands should be directly over the shoulders, palms of hands steady on the floor. Keep your back straight as if you did the form of a solid table. Inhale and open the chest, chin raised, shoulders away from the head, abdomen down and hips up. Feel this nice stretch and then exhale and do the opposite movement, arching your back, and head in arms dropped and take hips slightly forward. Repeated it five times. This position emulates the stretch of cats like many yoga postures that are inspired by the wisdom of nature. It gives us serenity, opens helping to take in more oxygen in chest and promotes circulation in addition to flex the spine.

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When you practice yoga, you do feel good about yourself and improve your health as it gives you clarity to achieve your purposes in life. Although the benefits of yoga are numerous and cover all aspects of life, many of which are impossible to explain in words; it is a particular system but more than that, it is an individual experience. Here are some good arguments to start incorporating yoga in your everyday life.

It is your main ally in your projects! We always start the new year full of illusions and worldly objectives such as a professional step on a career journey, start a business, learn something new, be healthier, change jobs, be a good family member, being a father for the first time, make a dream come true or do something risky. Often the challenges come with great stress loads and new responsibilities, bigger amounts of self-imposed works, occurrence of unforeseen and uncertainty of the results.

Stress is a response of the body to give you more energy and attention at times when you need to act. But we have so many pressures and incentives that often stress us more of what we focus to end with the consequences we already know related to excessive stress such as burnout, emotional control, lack of sleep and concentration, and sometimes the occurrence of diseases among others.

With so many added aspirations, we would have to be almost perfect in all spheres of life. The various techniques of yoga i.e. meditation, pranayama, asanas, positive thinking, songs, are recognized to help manage stress and be alert and energized with motivation and concentration. Yoga will not return things to perfection as we understand the concept, but it gives you the power to accept everything more calmly in a better way. One of which is to release the need to control everything as we learn to trust life, calmly face the difficulties and be more lenient with us and circumstances. Also when energy becomes scarce, when the initial enthusiasm dissipated and we begin to doubt, or we are tempted to shelve projects, yoga gives us discipline and focus.

Yoga should not be in the context of the most urgent modern life aspects, but always be on the list of the most important ones. Even from a purely utilitarian criterion, if you are good, you will be more productive, you will be better able to find solutions, you will feel empowered without limitations, and you can be creative in your ideas and emotionally strong to carry them out. Yoga helps you achieve your goals, but most importantly, you will enjoy the process as you just learn to live. In this regard, the recommended is 200 hr yoga teacher training Rishikesh, a course with complete essence of yoga.

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