What Is A Dental Crown And How Is It Placed?

Dental crown is a dental treatment that has aesthetic and functional uses, and consists of a kind of tooth-shaped case that is placed on a patient’s natural tooth in order to replace it for all purposes. Put another way, a dental crown is virtually a ‘new tooth’ that fits over the natural tooth. It has some similarities with the dental veneers, but it really is different treatment with several differences of weight between both.

This aesthetic treatment visually replaces the patient’s natural teeth, but in addition, unlike the veneers, it also represents a functional treatment, since the dental crown reinforces the tooth, making it more beautiful, and it becomes a more useful tooth.

Usually it is used in the posterior teeth i.e. in the premolars and molars, since they are the most used teeth in chewing and therefore, more exposed to wear and need a great firmness. The dental crowns can be made with various materials, although the most used are porcelain, metal and zirconium.

How is a Dental Crown Placed?

A dental crown has a hollow space, which serves to fit it into a natural tooth. In order for the tooth to fit inside the crown, it is necessary to carve it to reduce its size.

In the process of placing the dental crown, the dentist will put local anesthesia in the area and proceed to trim the tooth and when it has already reduced its size enough, the dentist will take the measures and with them will manufacture a specific dental crown for that tooth. Once manufactured and prepared, the crown will be strongly fixed to the carved tooth and the patient can forget to wear a crown and use his new tooth in completely normal way.

What are the Dental Crowns for?

A dental crown has the same uses as dental veneers, but can also be used for other more functional purposes such as the following;

Reinforcing Teeth

If a tooth is too weak or too small, the use of veneers would not be suitable, as they are only aesthetic and are limited to cover a part of the tooth. In this case, dental crown is an ideal treatment for the patient as it would mean having a real new tooth, which is bigger, stronger and more beautiful.

Cover the Lack of Teeth

If a patient has a very large space between two teeth, because he has lost the tooth that was between them, it is possible to recover that tooth lost by placing dental implants in which will later put crown. You could also retrieve teeth by a ‘triple crown’ also known as a dental bridge, placed on the teeth that are previously carved on other implants if necessary.

It is up to the dentist to assess the use of dental crowns, depending on the patient’s condition. Veneers and crowns may be used for a patient’s teeth depending on the particular tooth to be treated, and also that various types of dental crowns may be combined as appropriate, as each crown conforms to a specific tooth.

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