How to Deal with Hard Water Hair Issue?

Men or women, both are highly concerned about hair and use a variety of products to keep the hair healthy and shiny. Still, we see a lot of such people with complains of rough and hair loss while many people are not much protective about hair yet enjoy healthy hair. To your surprise, water could be a difference here and hard water is the real issue.

First of all, you must identify if you are facing hard water issue with your hair. If this is the case, the pipes fill easily with saltpetre, obstructing them and when you bathe, you will see that soap and shampoo produce very little foam. You will also feel that you have left residue that you could not rinse completely. What’s more, you do not even need to take a bath to do a test. Just place a bar of soap under the jet of the sink and if it does not show signs of dissolving and there is nit lather, it is hard water.

Once confirmed that the enemy is at home, it is convenient to install water softening filters, which are placed directly into the shower faucet. The benefit is that it will not only retain minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron but it will also help your skin and hair receive less chlorine.

You also have the option of going to the mall or a beauty shop looking for specific items which help you deal with hard water hair problems. On the other hand, while you get the filters and/or cosmetics, you can use the following recommendations.

Buy bottled water to wash your face. If the rest of your body is dry, consider also rinsing it with bottled water and then moisturize it with an intensive cream.

Take into account that the face is more sensitive to damage. Thus, a very good decision is to decrease the amount of the liquid to clean it, and instead use a cleaning cream, removing it with wet towel.

There are some pitchers with a filter. Although they are intended for drinking water, they are an excellent option to use when washing. It is worth investing in one of them.

After reading the above solution to deal with hard water hair concerns, surely you have already identified if the water that runs by your house is hard or not. If so, do not stand with your arms crossed, but take a prompt action to avoid the dire consequences of hard water to your hair.

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