How to Deal With Depression – Living With Depression

Overcoming depression is not easily possible. The consequences of depression that can affect every aspect of your life, especially long term depression. Depression makes you sad, lack of energy and good mood, talk little and feeling of hopelessness. Living with depression makes your simple day to day activities such as eating meal at right time, working, going outside almost impossible to handle.

Depression Definition

Many of us feel sad and unhappy sometimes, but when these feeling keep going through out most of your life time and this can create obstacles in your life by reducing your productivity, energy, and enjoyments in your life. When you are in this situation, then you are depressed.

What Causes Depression and How to deal with Depression?

There are a lot of factors or events in our life which is responsible for depression. Usually, depression is not caused on the occurrence of a single event, but sequence of occurrence of different events in life. Here some of the common factors that causes depression:

  • Family history
  • Personality
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Serious loss in life
  • Working long hours

Natural Remedies For Depression


Yoga involves various yoga practices, techniques and meditation which help to reduce various mental and emotional problems such as depression, tension and anxiety. With the practice of yoga techniques, people suffering from depression get relieved by calm down their body and mind.


Regular exercise not only good for body but also well for mind, and helps to maintain an energetic mood throughout the day. Our body releases a chemical known as Endorphins, when we exercise. The interaction of endorphins with the receptors in our brain reduces the approach of pain. Research studies revealed that regular exercise helps to reduce feeling of depression, anxiety, stress and other mental and emotional issues. The foremost important benefit that anyone can achieve from regular exercise is self esteem.

Sleep well

Nowadays, people don’t get enough sleep due to busy activities, lack of sleep can support depression. But too much sleep can also lead to increased depression. Six to seven hours of sleep per night is ideal for an average person. Beside reduces risk of depression, there are other benefits from well sleep such as maintains our heart healthy, reduces blood pressure, stress, enables our body to recover from damages, increases productivity and so on.

Love to take responsibilities

When we have to take some responsible job or anything else, we often make different kinds of excuses in order to avoid that responsibility. You may think it will lead to depression if you won’t do that responsible job perfectly or you may think you are incapable to do it. But when you undertake responsible jobs and complete it perfectly, this increases your self esteem and thinks yourself that you are more capable of doing any kind of job. In this way, you are developing your responsible character, commitment and good relationships with others.

Be Positive

We should have to convert our negative thoughts into positive thoughts. When we see the world in a positive manner, we can see that the world around us also support us. Depression can be reduced to a great extend by positive thinking, other benefits such as happiness, boost self confidence, reduces stress, improve immunity and leads to meaningful life.

Follow a healthy diet

We all have to eat to survive in earth. But many of us give more importance to tasty food rather than nutritional contents in food. Quit eating high sugar content food, junk, fast and processed food. Foods such as refined sugar, artificial sweetener, hydrogenated oil, foods high in sodium, caffeine may contribute to your depression. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet and drink plenty of water.

Have Fun

Maintaining humor sense in your life not only makes you happy but also keeps you healthy.

Depression can significantly affect your emotional and physical condition, dealing with depression is not an easy task. Chronic depression makes your every aspect of your life miserable and dry with decreased productivity, mood and activeness. But the practice of above effective techniques helps anyone to get relieved from depression.

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