The Concerns of Quality of Water Regarding Health of Skin & Hair

Water is necessary to live, we also enjoy it for refreshing, and it helps us to stay clean as well. However, on occasion it can become an enemy to the beauty of your skin and hair. Have you ever noticed it?

Most people are concerned about having a good appearance and part of an ideal look includes healthy hair and skin, free from dryness. Surely you know that getting them goes beyond hygiene and it is necessary to apply those products that help you to keep skin and hair clean and moisturized i.e. shampoo, conditioner, creams and even sunblock. However, there is one factor that can affect the image and almost nobody is forewarned to face it, water. And we are not talking about the one you will consume, but the one that comes out of the tap and gets in touch with your whole body.

It is important to say that there are several types of water, which depend on their characteristics. With which our dermis and hair have more contact are as follows;

Hard Water

it’s flooded with calcium, iron, magnesium and a few more lifeless minerals. The water of lakes, on the ground, and profound wells is categorized as hard water.

Soft Water

It contains the trace minerals and chemicals, viruses as well as bacteria.

Sea Water

It cannot be ingested by humans because of its high salt content.

You will surely remember that you do not feel the same immersing yourself in hot springs as in the ocean. When traveling, if the liquid in the city where you arrive is different from your home region, you may not detect a different sensation when under the showerhead, but you will observe the effects; if you perceive a better texture in your body and hair, it means that the water there is soft and the one where you live is hard and vice versa. If you think that your skin and hair begin to show dislike to the touch, the reason is that the water of that place is hard.

The hair is the first to reveal the presence of hard water for the reason that it is immediately affected in both the curls and the smooth hair causing frizz, changes in texture and looks dull, dry and rough. If exposure to this type of water is for many days, you can even develop stye.

On the other hand, the dermis not only becomes dry, but this kind of water makes it more sensitive, because it causes obstruction of the pores, pruritus and aggravates dermatological layers such as rosacea and capillary vessels. In addition, chronic dryness accelerates the aging process, thinning the layers and causing the appearance of wrinkles early.

It is difficult to control what type of water comes from the tap in your home, but in case of hard water you can take a number of steps to avoid making an enemy to your appearance.

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