What is the Complete Procedure of Face Lift?

What happens before a face lift?

Face lift pre-surgery care starts from the last consultation with the doctor before the day of the surgical procedure, since that day the doctor tells the patient the specific care that he or she must have according to his or her state of health and medical history. However, as a general rule, if the patient smokes, he or she must leave tobacco at least two weeks before the procedure of face lift, this is because for people who smoke, oxygen does not flow freely through the body and this could cause complications at the time of surgery and also affect their estimated recovery time.

Medications such as Aspirins, vitamin E supplements and blood thinner medications are usually regulated or eliminated by doctors as they may also cause complications during or after face lift surgery, but all depends on the doctor’s suggestions.

Remember the importance of talking to your doctor about your daily habits and the medications you regularly use, which are also contraceptives, as this could be very significant at the time of face lift surgery.


During face lift surgery, the patients are anesthetized with either general or local anesthesia, although usually in this type of surgery, local anesthesia is used more often to give the patient the possibility of being more alert.

For patients who undergo more intensive surgeries either because of their condition or because they perform a deeper face lift they usually are placed under general anesthesia, although this will be a point that the doctor should deal with the patient.

The doctor, besides talking with the patient about the types of anesthesia, should discuss the risks and complications that come with each type of anesthesia, since many complications during aesthetic surgeries are linked to the reactions that each type of anesthesia could have when applied to the patient.

How is a face lift performed?

At the moment of a face lift, the surgeon will look for the way to make incision which is imperceptible and discreet. One of the most common incisions is the one that is made on hairline and behind hairline a little above the temple, since it is the one that gives more place to do a face stretch and still leave small hidden scars.

The other types of incisions will depend on the personal characteristics of the patient, so that the procedure at the end does not give rise to marks of surgeries, for example, in many people incisions are made just where the line of the ear makes contact with the face. Finally, incisions are mad around the earlobe that will result in lower part of the patient’s hair.

How does the face lift surgical procedure end?

Face lift is not only based on making incisions and stretching, because to create a younger and toned skin, it is necessary during surgery to cut skin and eliminate fat, so that the skin is more glued to the facials muscles to give appearance of some years younger.

After flaccidity has been removed on the patient’s face, the surgeon will proceed with stitches and the bandage wrap of all parts where the face lift was performed.

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