CBD, Mental Health And Well-Being

Mental health and well-being need consistent nurturing; however, looking after ourselves this past year have come to the forefront of everyone’s collective mindset in light of the global pandemic we all continue to live through. With mental health and well-being being more prevalent than ever, there is a constant need for adaptation and innovation to find ways to promote and nurture the feeling of ‘wellness’. CBD, in whichever form chosen, has been known consistently to do just that.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has been proven clinically to help people suffering from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety, alongside assisting with general well-being and pain management. The questions remain; what is CBD, and what exactly can CBD do to improve mental health and general well-being?

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an organic and natural substance. CBD is extracted in oil form, and it grows and develops in the resin of the leaves of the cannabis selva plant. It has proven over the years to be an effective pain relief and a natural alternative to other prescription medication. CBD can be extracted and subsequently shaped into many forms including but not exclusive to; oils, tinctures, gummy ‘sweets’, and capsules. How and why people chose to take or use various CBD products is down to personal choice and preference.

CBD And Mental Health

Mental health is a subject doused in historical controversy. Only in recent years does it seem to be gaining the severity of insight it has lacked previously. The majority of human beings have experienced in their life, some form of poor mental health. It may not have been as severe as depression or an anxiety disorder, but we can safely assume we have all been affected at some point, in some way. CBD is thought to be effective in relieving stress, anxiety and even depression. Its aforementioned interactions with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) of the body can interfere with serotonin levels, increase calm sensations and even help with insomnia as a result of anxiety.

Mental health and well being has never been more relevant. Not only is our country, and indeed the wider world, attempting to survive and thrive through the unknown during the current pandemic, but we are also suffering and struggling with the consequences head-on, on a daily basis. There is evidence to suggest that taking CBD oil for anxiety into one’s daily routine can be beneficial in decreasing stress levels and even helping combat generalised anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are challenging to live with, manage and find treatment for. Traditionally. Cognitive behavioural therapy and general beta blocker type medication are the go-to treatment plan for combatting and fighting anxiety. However, these types of treatment are not always fully effective and, in some cases, not effective at all. People live with their anxiety and find their own ways of coping; some people are failed by traditional medication and therapies repeatedly. CBD has been found to interact with the neurological systems and consequently bring a feeling of calm and steadiness previously achievable through other forms of care.

For many people, facing being out of work or taking a substantial pay cut at any time of year can be a harrowing prospect. However, with Christmas looming, low mental health, depression, anxiety, and unfortunately, suicide are at a crisis point. Being separated from family, friends, and support networks only add to the well-being crisis. Before the first national mandated lockdown, around 67% of people were feeling some form of anxiety. 24% of people were feeling lonely and isolated, and during the lockdown, alcohol intake increased by 20%. These are just a few figures published by official data formed from research on mentalhealth.org. What these figures show are that mental health and well-being are certainly in crisis and CBD could be more beneficial in combatting this crisis.

Naturally, different groups of people were affected more severely than others, including single-parent families, furloughed workers, and homeless people. Anxiety disorders are naturally on the rise, with a national increase in worry and stress as a result of external forces at play. CBD can be successfully embedded into the day subtly and easily. It can even be proposed to serve as a replacement for alcohol dependency in some cases.

CBD And Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be categorised as any pain that has existed for a certain length of time. It is recurrent or constant. Conditions that fall under this category include migraines and fibromyalgia. These conditions cause severe pain in the body and are often long term conditions. People who suffer from migraines and or fibromyalgia often suffer from poor mental health owing to the nature of the conditions themselves. Each condition migraines and fibromyalgia respectively are debilitating in their own way. Often, there is no cure.

A migraine is a type of severe headache which is often accompanied by nausea and visual disturbances. Fibromyalgia is mainly defined by the chronic pain of the condition. Unlike migraines, it causes pain all over the body, including migraines and insomnia as a result of pain and IBS, which can lead to poor mental health owing to lack of ability to function in daily, normal life. The use of topical products like a CBD balm, cream, lotion, in this context can and has been proven to alleviate pain by interacting with the pain receptors in the body.

There are many pain relief case studies from the use of CBD, and research is still ongoing as there is not enough widespread evidence to be affirmative with the widespread distribution and promotion of CBD as a generalised medication. However, it has and continues to provide relief for sufferers of such conditions.

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