A Brief Account On Kratom And Its Uses

Kratom is an Asian tree that grows naturally (also under cultivation) in Thailand and neighboring areas. The leaves of this tree have traditionally been used in ethnomedicine and other more common uses, and even added in food, from the time immemorial in the areas where it naturally grows. Traditionally, it has been considered a lenitive for the harsh conditions of life of the inhabitants and workers of the area, in a very similar form to the one that is considered the leaf of coca in some of its countries where is originally produced.

The leaves are used, fresh or dried. Two types of effects are attributed to the dose consumed; with a low dose, it is a mild stimulant and with higher doses, its narcotic effects become more evident.

Its pharmacology is complex, as it has dozens of alkaloids and it is attributed to mitragin or 7-OH-mitragin in the bulk of its action in humans, although, research is still needed to elucidate these aspects, which are still unclear. These alkaloids behave as partial agonists of the mu opioid receptor, as compared to total agonists such as opium, morphine or heroin. In other words, it has effects similar to those of these drugs for the reason that it acts on similar receptors in a similar way, but they’re not interchangeable like morphine, heroin, methadone or fentanyl.

Kratom has been banned in Thailand which is the main producer of kratom. Well, the man makes laws, and the nature laughs. The law was useless because nature did not obey, nor did the man who continued to consume the plant as he did for centuries.

The motive of ban was not so much a prohibition with the objective of maintaining the tax collection, and the opium was sold at state level but as a drug, but to ensure the value of the opium as a producing area managed in the face of the threat of a new product of plant origin, which in this case occurs naturally and massively, not like opium that requires much higher planning and work.

Kratom was understood as an economic threat to an international market. For some, such an unjustified ban on health grounds, kratom though it does not appear to be addictive a social or public health problem, nor has it caused any deaths, and obviously useless of in-state gates since Kratom grows like one more shrub that you can pick up and consume when passing and it was a measure made to protect opium competitors and their lords, not because opium addicts would switch to kratom, since their effects do not replace opium, although they are related and can soften abstinence from it, and can also trigger the abstinent symptoms in opiate addicts, as it would occur with other partial mu receptor agonists such as buprenorphine if given to a morphine or methadone user. If you want to buy kratom powder, you have now worries today, you just visit Review Gurus and buy it at low prices.

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