What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

The ideal size of the breast is the one that makes you feel comfortable. Excess volume in the breast can cause damage to the spine, pains in the base of the neck and shoulders, as well as difficulties in the lymphatic circulation.

With breast reduction, the patient gets the desired size and shape, as it eliminates excess fat, mammarys gland and breast skin, relieving weight and improving esthetics.

It is performed in an operation room, giving the same day of discharge. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia.

The volume and shape of the breasts are genetically determined and can be considered to end their development around the age of 17-18 years. Variations, volume increase in the pre-menstrual period, pregnancy and lactation are present throughout the life of the woman, also they are submitted to the changes resulting from the weight gain, thinning and postpartum atrophy. All these changes lead to a drop or sag in the gland and skin where it is contained.

Breast reductions surgery is indicated in the following cases;

Very large and droopy breasts that cause both aesthetic and functional damage, back and shoulder pain, which can cause damage to the spine.
Big breasts in relation to the biotype, where the exclusive problem is aesthetic.

The surgery consists of eliminating skin and glandular excess, placing the areola and nipple in its anatomical position more in line with shape of the breasts and thorax, performing a dermoglandular excision according to patient’s biotype.

Surgical Technique

There are several techniques for the reduction and modeling of the breasts, being used depending on the volume and form of implantation of the breast. Usually the resulting scar will be around the areola, vertical and in the submammary furrow.

Anesthesia will usually be local with sedation and it allows a quick recovery and ability to perform on an outpatient basis. Healing is usually good it leaves very few visible marks.

Scars usually remain reddish in the first six months and begin to clear soon. In any case, you should not sunbathe on a scar without a full sunscreen because of the risk of hyperpigmentation of the scar.

Postoperative Considerations

When you leave the operation room, you will wear a bandage of elastic tape for about 10 days.

You must purchase a sports-type, ring-free, elastic fastener with a front or back closure and adjustable strap. To place it when the bandage is removed.

This bra should be worn day and night for a month and a half. Later, all types of fasteners can be used. At three months, clips can be worn with a hoop or without a fastener.

The patient should avoid blows, lifting weights, driving, etc. and abstain from any circumstance that may lead to violent trauma to the breast area such as sports, dancing, horse riding and swimming for a month.

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