How to Avoid Oral Hearth Problems in Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy involves physiological changes that can lead to some disruption of your body, in general, and your mouth in particular and knowing them beforehand can help you prevent the issues.

During pregnancy an imbalance of the oral microbiota and increased vascular permeability, nausea and vomiting occurs. The main oral impact of these changes can be periodontal disease, tooth mobility, tooth decay, epulis gravidarum, dental erosion, xerostomia, tooth sensitivity and halitosis.

Some healthy guidelines such as avoiding consumption of smoking and alcohol reduce the intake of cariogenic products and moderate exercise will help in the prevention of the onset of these dental complications. Use of mouthwashes help prevent tooth erosion and bad breath resulting from the characteristic vomiting, especially during the first trimester. Good oral hygiene techniques such as brushing and cleaning the interproximal space with floss and interproximal brushes help control the appearance of dental biofilm. To enhance this mechanical control can also help chemicals, an antiseptic for daily use with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) which will maintain the health of your gums and help you fight gingivitis. If our dentist diagnoses periodontitis, professional treatment and adjunctive use of an antiseptic containing 0.12% CHX + 0.05% CPC will be necessary. Subsequently, to control the biofilm, you will require maintenance with 0.05% CHX + 0.05% CPC.

If you have healthy gums, simply periodontal control with regular visits in the first quarter and the third (week 28-30) plus a postpartum visit will be good enough. If you suffer from some periodontal disease, it should be treated properly. During the first quarter, simple procedure can be performed such as plaque control, prophylaxis or emergency treatment; however, more invasive treatments such as scaling and root planning can be performed usually only in 2nd quarter or delayed until after delivery.

The dentist may take into account some aspects beyond treatment; from 2nd quarter, you settle into the armchair keeping feet higher than the head in a position to change position frequently; it is advisable to lean slightly inclined to the left with a cushion under the right hip to avoid dizziness or nausea due to hypotension. Radiographic tests can be performed throughout pregnancy if they are strictly necessary. The only precaution that should be taken is to have the proper protection of collar.

You cannot take a risk of going to any inexperienced dentist in case you suffer from dental issue during pregnancy, thus, you must get the best dentist Dubai in order to have safety of yours and your baby inside your belly.

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