our Healthy Diet Plan

8 Tricks for Your Healthy Diet Plan

1 – Say No to Bakery and Junk Food

Again we encounter the saturated fats and specifically trans fats in case of bakery and junk food. They are enemies of your heart, your general health and even they have been linked to diseases like cancer.

2– Read Well the Labels on Grain

Eating these foods is very healthy as they provide fiber, carbohydrates and satiety. But beware! Not all are the worth. Choose those that contain less amount of sugar and lean for the most natural, whole like oatmeal, muesli, or rich in fiber which has many benefits such as bran.

3 – Limit or Eliminate Red Meat

Yes, they are proteins and these are necessary, but they also contain saturated fats which can be harmful for your heart. Ideally, satiate with poultry such as chicken or turkey.

4 – Eliminate or Limit Salt Intake

It can cause high blood pressure, a silent disease that can give you an upset. It is best to get used to spice up your dishes with herbs or spices healthy.

5 – Remove or Reduce Refined Sugar

In a low-carb diet, there is a type of carbohydrate of those you can do without. Among them is the sugar which can be addictive too. It also increases the need for insulin to metabolize and may eventually lead to a metabolic disease besides it makes you fat. If you need to sweeten your food, try other natural sweeteners.

6 – Always Choose Fresh Produce

I am not telling you to give up the frozen products, they can save you from trouble, but as far as possible, always try to eat fresh produce. Avoid abusing processed and canned foods preserved with additives and preservatives that could jeopardize your health. If you can afford, buy organic. They are free of pesticides and other chemicals.

7 – Reduce or Avoid Consumption of Milk

Some agencies have already held that milk can be harmful to health. Even it has been removed from their nutritional advice and that has been linked to some types of cancers. If you are going to take it, choose always defatted version. It is also preferable that you eat yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese occasionally.

8 – Maintain Good Hygiene

It is essential to avoid contracting infections. It is that you’d be surprised the amount of germs in your kitchen, in rags, on cutting boards and if you use a knife to prepare meat and then use it for salad. This encourages cross-contamination and you increase the risk of a pathogen to enter your body. Good hygiene in the kitchen is also basic in a healthy diet.

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