8 Questions about Diet You should Ask Your Nutritionist

8 Questions about Diet You should Ask Your Nutritionist

The first step you should take when you go to make a diet is to visit your doctor or a nutritionist as he can tell you how to eat healthy and lose weight without running any risk to your health.

First, ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Is it a medical necessity, a fashion, you have a special occasion ahead as the day of your wedding? Also, know how much do you want to lose weight? A few pounds of loss can make you feel better dress, and if you want to feel comfortable with your bikini you might have to work harder. 0If this is the case, the approach is different. In any case, these are questions you should ask and you should prepare before you meet a nutritionist or doctor.

1 – Should I lose weight?

This is an easy answer to answer for measuring your Body Mass Index and controlling your body fat, especially abdominal, the most dangerous area. Note that some people seem thin, however, they accumulate fat in their belly, which predisposes you to cardiovascular disease.

2 – Do I have good health to begin a diet to lose weight?

This is a very important issue. Some people believe they are fat and yet this is a trick of the brain. They may also have a condition of food. At other times, your health may not be good enough to take risks to reduce calories in your diet and/or avoid eating essential nutrients as per your body needs.

3 – How much weight will I lose?

It is important that you and your nutritionist determine according to what is the right amount of weight you should lose. The goal should be realistic and gradual to avoid endangering your health or suffer the rebound effect.

4 – How I can lose weight healthily?

There are many types of diets. Each year, in fact, come quick diets that promise miracles but be wary of them because the goal of every plan diet regime must be healthy. Your nutritionist will guide you on what is the best way to lose weight, how much exercise you must do, and what foods to avoid in your diet.

5 – How to improve my health?

Lose weight if you are overweight and it should impact better on health. In fact, there are studies claiming that it helps improve self-esteem, social relations, predisposes healthy habits such as sports or lead a balanced diet. There is also scientific publication that weight loss improves sexual health, both reproductive and intimacy between couples.

6 – How can I stay motivated?

When having a dietary plan, it is likely to be demoralized because it requires efforts and sacrifice to avoid certain products that before you were used to. Your nutritionist must also inform you about plans to stay motivated with the diet. You can take help of a health coach or attend support groups.

7 – What kind of exercise should I do?

It depends a lot on your physical condition, age, daily routine and time you have available. Your nutritionist will recommend walking briskly every day for an hour at least. It is a good cardiovascular exercise and the impact on joints is low. But if you are young, you love the sport and want to get started in an intense activity, you can practice running or a healthy sport. It is also very possible that your nutritionist may check your daily habits and make small changes that will increase your activity level.

8 – What should I do when I finish the diet?

It will start a complicated stage because you risk to re-adopt dietary habits that sabotaged your diet earlier. If you follow the advice conveniently and eat healthy, you will stay without any problem.

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