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7 Tips for Caring Your Dental Veneers

There are some tips to care for your veneers which are valid for both composite and porcelain veneers.

1 – Perform Proper Brushing and Flossing

Logically, this is the best advice you can get for your health care and oral hygiene and also for the care of your veneers. You should always make brushing at most one hour after eating because the sooner it is done, you get better cleaning food leftovers remain for less time in your mouth.

Flossing helps remove food leftover that fall between your teeth and brush cannot remove. This is always important, but dealing with veneers is increasingly important because they keep the remains glued to them and can facilitate their release and accelerate discoloration.

2 – Avoid Smoking

Smoking itself turns teeth yellows and it happens to veneers at the same. If you smoke and use veneers, you have one more reason to quit smoking.

3 – Don’t Abuse Some Drinks

Coffee, tea and other infusions as well as wine, juices and soft drinks favor dark discoloration and darkening of the teeth. If you abuse these products, you will accelerate the process of bleaching your teeth and your veneers. In case of abusing these drinks, you will have to visit the dentist to perform timely maintenance.

4 – Beware of Sauces

Sauces like ketchup or mustard often attack the color of teeth, so that in the long term can also alter the color of your dental veneers. If you use veneers, it is recommended that you do not abuse the sauces.

5 – Conduct Periodic Professional Cleanings

One of the best pieces of advice you can receive to care for your veneers is definitely going to the dentist each year to conduct a review and assess the need for a professional cleaning to remove tartar buildup and possible stained teeth through a good polishing.

6 – Attention to the Actions of Biting

Veneers are usually placed specifically on the front teeth, which are mainly made for ​​biting action. It is important to avoid biting objects either to cut wire and nails or hold caps and bags. Besides meals that require particularly harsh bites like nut shells are to be avoided. All these actions can damage, loosen and/or break the veneers, so avoid as a prevention measure.

7 – Beware of Some Sports

If you play contact sports such as football or basketball, including any sport balls, you have the possibility that in some point, you might receive a blow to the mouth. It is recommended using a dental block because a nasty blow to the veneers can displace or break. In that sense, you better be safe than sorry.

All these tips on caring veneers are valid for both composite and for porcelain.

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