7 Excellent Ways to Stop Snoring

Majority of us snore sometimes, but when it occurs again and again it will adversely affect your quality and quantity of sleep, family members and room-mates. If your frequent snoring makes your partner stay awake all night, it can create major relationship problems. Regular snoring can lead to serious health problems such as long disruption of breathing, short period of sleeping, strain on heart and poor night’s sleep.

What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs when airways through the mouth and nose are partially obstructed. When we sleep, our throat muscle relaxes, so that our tongue falls backwards and our throat becomes tight and weak. The walls of the throat begin to vibrate while we breathe (usually, it vibrates more during inhaling air and less during exhaling air). The basic reason for our snoring is because of these vibrations.

How To Stop Snoring Naturally?

1. Reduce Weight

Loss weight can help a fatty person to stop snoring. In the case of a fatty person, weight around his neck adversely affects his throat. This in turn leads to snoring. But loss weight doesn’t fully guarantee to stop snoring, because skinny people are snores too. So we can conclude by saying that loss weight is only a partial remedy to stop snoring.

2. Quit Smoking

We all know smoking is injurious to our health and life. Smoking can increase chance of snoring. Smoking blocks and disrupts the airways through nose and throat. This increases the chance of walls of throat to vibrate while breathe. Quit smoking is one of the effective snoring remedies which everyone can follow easily. And other benefits such as reduced stress, depression, anxiety and controlled anger.

3. Regular Exercise

Excessive weight can increase the risk of snoring. Regular cardio exercises like swimming, walking, jogging, and bicycle riding help to reduce fat around your neck and makes your airways( especially throat way) more clear which diminish your snoring habit.

4. Change Sleep Position

Foetus, Log, Yearner, Soldier, Freefaller, and Starfish are the most popular sleeping positions. While you sleep in Soldier position (Sleeping on your back with both arms and legs stretched inwards) and Starfish position (Sleeping on your back with both arms and legs stretched outwards), bottom of your tongue and soft palate touch to the back wall of your throat which in turn lead to snoring while you sleep.

5. Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol increases the chance of snoring adversely. Alcohol consumption reduces the strength of muscle in the back of throat. A normal snoring noise can be transformed into a loud snoring with the usage of alcohol.

6. Drink Water

Drinking water is completely good for your health. In order to keep your body function stable and healthy, you should have to drink a minimum of 8 glass of water per day. Being dehydrated makes your mouth and throat dry which increases the risk of snoring. One simple way to reduce the harmful effects of snoring is to drink plenty of fluids.

7. Open Nasal Paths

Snoring can occur due to the blockage in the nasal path, especially during cold. This makes airway through nose narrower and makes it difficult for air to pass. Clearing nasal passages is one of the natural snoring remedies that anyone can follow easily.

Now, you get basic ideas about “How To Prevent Snoring?” Any person can snore. But to some extend, snoring problems are caused by our bad habits such as alcohol consumption, frequent smoking, over weight, lack of exercise and incorrect positions of our sleep. Many of us think a fatty person snores frequently because of fat around his neck. But, a thin person with a small neck can snore, even louder than a fatty person. From this we can understand that people who snore can have any body type. All the methods mentioned above are completely natural snoring remedies. Hence by following these remedies doesn’t provide full guarantee to stop snoring during sleep. But in certain person, one of these remedies is enough to stop snoring. While in other cases, these methods can make some changes in their snoring. So we can conclude by saying that snoring can be completely stop by following natural methods, if not seek medical attention.

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