Frequent Errors in Diet

5 Most Frequent Errors in Diet

1 – Skipping Breakfast

This is one of the most typical mistakes in the diet due to the rapid pace of life at which we live in today’s world and which can be quite harmful. The breakfast gives us the energy to face the activities of the whole day. Skipping it or spending a little time for breakfast without due attention will make you feel dull all day long. It is supposed to be the most balanced diet consisting of dairy to provide minerals and proteins, fruit and carbohydrates to be slowly absorbed such as cereals, since they give the energy needed by your body, brown bread for its contribution of fiber and some protein as a slice of ham or cheese.

2 – Eat a Lot and Stay empty Stomach for Long Hours

It is another common mistake in our eating habits. The recommendations of nutrition experts are clear that you must five daily intakes in division of three main meals a day which include breakfast, lunch and dinner and two snacks one in the mid-morning and one in the afternoon. You never have food or dinner with excessive hunger and swallow food without chewing properly. Keep in mind that our body works 24 hours and needs to store a certain amount of energy to transform it into glucose in times of peak of physical effort.

3 – High Salt in Meals

Salt is necessary since it contains certain minerals i.e. sodium and potassium that make it indispensable for the correct functioning of our body. However, it should not be consumed in excess since it can promote the fluid retention and result in increased blood pressure. A very healthy way of seasoning meals is to use herbs or different products sold in health food stores.

4 – No or Little Fruit and Vegetables Intake

You should take three to four pieces of fruit a day and at least two servings of vegetables daily. There are even studies that recommend the intake of green foods. Discarding these foods can pose a serious health risk because they contain vitamins and minerals that our bodies need along with fiber to combat the constipation. A low fiber diet has been associated with increased risk of some diseases such as colon cancer.

5 – Way of Cooking

There are many ways to cook food and, at present, we have methods of preparing foods healthier with varied cooking methods and it is the case of steamed or wok. Both allow cooking vegetables and even meat and fish in an economical, healthy and a little industrious way.

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