Weight Gain

5 Diet Mistakes That Can Result In Weight Gain

Drinking Little Water in the Whole Day

Water increases the elasticity of the skin, hydrates the body and helps normalize metabolic functions. The health experts recommend that an individual should drink at least two liters of water a day. If a physical activity that requires fluid loss is practiced, you should increase the intake so that the body does not suffer and fall victim of dehydration, a situation which, in extreme cases, can even cause multiple organ failure. Even if you are not feeling thirsty, you have to drink water or consume plenty of fluids in form of fresh fruit juices.

Limiting Diet to One Type of Food

Our overall diet should be rich and varied and should not lack any nutrients since they all are necessary to keep us in a state of optimal health i.e. proteins, fats, sugars, minerals, water, carbohydrates as they all play their role in organism. For example, fat has always accompanied them which is actually but in excess. However, they are required to form cell membranes and cholesterol, which comes from fat, and hormones are formed. The Mediterranean diet is the most widely accepted among endocrinologists and nutritionists in this regard.

Eating Large Meals

Overeating is never suggested as it has never been good since our body converts glucose to spare fat out of overeaten food. If it builds up in the body and is not excreted through exercise, it can favor the development of conditions such as overweight and obesity. Overly large dishes favor uncontrolled food intake, so it is recommended to eat small amounts on small plates. Besides loss of weight and the maintenance of optimal body weight turns out to be easier.

Avoid Carbohydrates

Pasta, cereals, rice and bread belong to the family of carbohydrates and they provide some nutrients to the body with a retardant energy source, better than brought by sweets which cause disturbance and encourage the state of stress. They also contain vitamin B, which is essential to relax contribute to the uptake of tryptophan, an amino acid linked to the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood and sleep. Thus, decrease in people’s sleep and stress levels occurs.

Let Stress Affect!

Some people often have a problem of stress which impacts their eating habits and they fall victims of impoverished diet, overeating or eating very little. This can cause serious physical and psychological ailments i.e. excessive variations of weight, loss of self-esteem, risk of cardiovascular disease, weakness, fatigue, irritability and stress. Ideally, despite the turmoil of everyday problems, try to keep the same schedule of meals and follow a healthy diet because it helps the body to better address the vicissitudes of life.

It is important to first realize the mistakes. You can take advantage of a fitness program called 3 Week Diet by created by Brian Flatt to follow a proper and regular diet for losing weight with greater health.

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