4 Common Issues in Teeth

For a bright smile and good oral health, it is necessary that you avoid the most common oral problems and here we will talk about some of the common oral health issues so that you can keep your oral health good.

1 – Decay

Tooth decay is an infectious disease that progressively attacks all parts of the tooth and can have very serious consequences for dental health. It arises when some foods containing sugars and carbohydrates remain trapped between teeth or molars and are not removed with the toothbrush or flossing. The bacteria make acid from the food remains and weakens the teeth.

To prevent decay, it is necessary to maintain proper oral hygiene i.e. brush our teeth three times a day, floss regularly, use mouthwash with fluoride and maintain a healthy diet.

It is necessary to go to dental clinic periodically to prevent tooth decay or fight it immediately for the reason that the more time passes, the greater the possibility that the decay reaches to the tissue.

2 – Gingivitis

Gingivitis is an oral disease caused by the presence of bacteria that causes swelling, redness and bleeding gums. If it is not treated in time, it can become periodontitis, which can lead to the loosening of teeth.

Good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent gingivitis. Brushing and flossing daily help to fight plaque in an effective manner. Smoking weakens the gums and makes them more likely to develop this disease, so it is advisable that you should not smoke.

3 – Halitosis

Specialists refer to the presence of bad breath as halitosis. It is a dental health problem that many people suffer once in their life. To prevent bad breath, it is advisable that you have good oral hygiene such as brushing teeth after every meal, flossing and using mouthwash as thee practices help in the elimination of bacteria. It is necessary not only to wash the teeth, but also the tongue.

It is advised to avoid the consumption of smoking, alcohol and foods like garlic and onions. It is important to go to a dental clinic so that diagnosis can be performed and appropriate treatment can be advised to deal with the issue.

4 – Tartar

Tartar is plaque that is deposited and hardened on the teeth. It appears above the gumline and causes many problems in dental health. To prevent tartar, it is necessary to properly brush and floss regularly as there are many leftovers that the bristles are not enough to deal with.

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