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3 Ways to Lose Weight at Christmas

The Christmas holidays are accompanied by excesses, meals, indulgences with diet and as a result, you gain extra weight. If you want to enter your dress for New Year in January, it will become the hardest month for you to control your diet. Here I offer a few simple tips and your body will thank you for following them.

1 – Do not skip meals!

In general, the most important events in the Christmas holidays usually occur at night. But what you eat in breakfast is very important for the day. For example, if you skip breakfast or any other meal to save yourself for the night, you will get so hungry and you could run the risk of losing track of the calories you eat. But if you eat well throughout the day, your glucose levels are constant, the satiety center of your brain functions properly and you will not need to hit you binge.

2 – Practice mindful eating!

It is being aware of your body and needs that you have to feed properly and in sufficient quantity. For example, people often eat due to anxiety, boredom, watching TV and too many countless times without real hunger. When you go to raid the pantry or the fridge, and think if you are really hungry. Take at least half a minute to find out. Meanwhile, drink a glass of water (or two). If you are still feeling the need to eat, opt for something light like a fruit, a handful of nuts or a tea with an oatmeal cookie.

3 – Plan your evening!

You have the afternoon off? Well, allow at least three hours before dinner for you if your commitments or your family obligations will allow to walk an hour briskly. When you get home, do not use the elevator, go up by the stairs. Whether in your home to make your bathroom a place for relaxation, put candles, fill the bathtub with warm water and add a few drops of your favorite scent. Relax. After this ritual, you will come to the quieter dinner and your eagerness to devour everything will calm.

This trick is based on a study by Dartmouth College and noted that mental fatigue, especially when it engages the mind to make decisions, could be responsible for feeding and penchant for junk food. Apparently, when we submit to overexertion, brain also undermines our willpower and our body needs to eat more and not exactly the healthiest foods.

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