3 Mass Building Exercises For Quick Gains

So you’ve decided to get BIG. But have you thought of getting stronger?

If you’ve been following my articles on FitnessMonkee you must have noticed one thing I always say: “The stronger you are, the bigger you are.”

I am a firm believer of this notion. Without wasting any time let’s plunge into the regime that will help you gain mass and make you feel like Hulk the superhero(minus the awful green color of course). The 5 exercises that I am about to share are compound moves that will help you gain strength over time. Remember fellas, patience is a virtue. Do not expect to get results overnight. Even Rome wasn’t built in a day.

1) Squats

The good old move that every fitness trainer gets a dirty look for recommending. Squats rules over all other moves without a shadow of a doubt. If you haven’t been doing squats, you”re losing out on a lot. The benefits of this exercise are phenomenal.

Squats are proven to increase hormone release as they”re a great total-body stimulatory move; your testosterone and growth hormone are surely going to hike up. Take a note teenagers; It’ll not only help you build fish-cut quads but also help in building overall mass.

But I personally like doing squats because they enhance core strength. Squats are loaded from top to bottom. Hence your core has to work double time to prevent an injury. Heavy compound moves like squats should be a staple for building thick block shaped six pack abs. Before squat, warm-ups are also essential as they reduce chances of injuries.

Boosting muscles around your knees and hips is a great way to reduce chances of injury while jumping, sprinting or playing any sport that requires you to move your legs. It also stabilizes your lower body which is a must if you have a heavy upper body. (Who wants to be called chicken legs anyway!)

Note: Please don’t count the mechanical smith machine squats into this as it DOES NOT PROVIDE NATURAL MOTION AND A LOT OF WEIGHT IS TAKEN UP BY THE MACHINE.

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2. Romanian Deadlifts

If squats are the king, then this exercise is definitely the queen. It’ll set your glutes and hamstrings growth on fire. It is also a supreme functional move as hip-extension plays a major role in your daily activities. The intensity of Romanian Deadlifts can be revved as more weights can be lifted this way compared to leg curls.

It is also very important to maintain a balance between the two halves of your leg. Romanian Deadlifts is the perfect choice to accomplish that.

3. Barbell Rows

As our foundation is set now, it”s time to level up. Barbell rows should be an integral part of every weight lifter’s routine. The benefits of this exercise are as profound as doing squats and deadlifts.

Want to build a stronger & wider back? Barbell Rows is the way to go! It is the best exercise for improving overall upper body pulling strength. It allows you to build a thicker middle back and also hits your lower lats which further complements widening.

Train insane- Barbell Rows allow you to pull weights quickly without breaking continuity. Reinforce proper hip flexion- The barbell rows teach you to bend at the hips (as opposed to the waist). This is necessary to safely and effectively execute proper form on any exercise that involves bending over.

Bonus: It helps you to build bigger biceps as well. Now, what could be the reason to neglect this beautiful exercise, eh?

What makes these 3 exercises so special?

These are the primary movements which need to be excelled in order to develop the strength to perform stronger lifts on other exercises. You can surely depend on these moves to help over-load your muscles. These moves activate the CNS greatly which is a potent ingredient to get bigger over time.

Also, these exercises hit the largest muscles of your body i.e. quads, hamstrings, and back. These muscles have the maximum potential to grow and as you gain mass on these muscles you’ll also effectively be able to put on mass on the supporting muscles i.e. biceps, triceps, abdominals and lower back. So start incorporating these 3 killer moves in your workout routine and get stronger & bigger.

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