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16 Benefits of Dental Veneers for Your Health

Use of dental veneers is a cosmetic dental treatment that seeks to build a more attractive smile in the patient’s mouth. But what if their benefits go beyond aesthetics and appearance and if they can help you improve your health too? Among the patients who come to clinics seeking dental veneers treatment to enhance their smile, some do it for simple aesthetic, but for many this treatment goes further and is a real change in life.

This is because many patients have a serious drawback and it is that they feel self-conscious about their smile because of the color or shape of teeth, and thus avoid smiling in public. This complex can be a more serious problem because it affects their daily lives and social relationships. Since they do not laugh openly, they may be losing a number of health benefits that could indirectly recover to improve their teeth with veneers and I am talking about the benefits of laughter here.

Benefits of Laughter

You can find multitude of benefits for your health, but I will expose the most important summarized and divided into three categories as physiological, psychological and social to give you an idea of how healthy it is to laugh.

Physiological Benefits

  1. Laughter releases endorphins, which are natural painkillers and calm the body and it reassures you that the sensation of pain is reduced naturally.
  2. Our body also releases cortisol, a hormone that causes stress to react to difficult situations. Laughter reduces the release of these hormones, which contribute to be less stressed.
  3. It promotes the expansion of our blood vessels and which in turn brings a number of benefits such as lowering blood pressure over those vessels, helping the transit of cholesterol in blood and thus promote their reduction, and improve oxygenation of our body.
  4. Laughter promotes production of antibodies, which are agents that protect us from external threats.
  5. It increases tear production, which helps cleanse and moisten eyes.
  6. It helps with digestion because it increases blood flow in abdomen.
  7. It improves muscle tone and helps burn calories because laughter itself is a mild aerobic exercise.
  8. It also prevents heart disease.

Psychological Benefits

  1. Besides reducing stress, laughter is a great way to combat depression and anxiety.
  2. It invites you to a better mood and helps lift the spirits when you are sad.
  3. It combats insomnia and fatigue.
  4. It improves our mental health as it helps us focus on positive thoughts and forget the negatives.

Social Benefits

  1. It creates a good atmosphere around us.
  2. It attracts people and encourages interaction and builds trust.
  3. It makes us more attractive and this is what studies say, but it clearly gives a better feel to the person we meet.
  4. It is synonymous with good health and quality of life.

These are the most important benefits that laughter can offer. If you want to have a nice smile and do not stop smiling showing off crystal-clear teeth, I recommend you to visit Dental Veneers Atlanta, and it is not just for your aesthetic, but it is also about your health.

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